Inquinamento luminoso in Italia
Light Pollution in Italy

by Pierantonio Cinzano

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From the early seventies, the interest of the international astronomical community to the protection of observatory sites has directed its attention to the problem of the rapidly growing artificial sky brightness produced by light pollution. Pressed by the extent of the phenomena, which ask for an urgent limitation, and stimulated by the official positions and Resolutions of some astronomical and cultural organizations, more and more people accepted to give their contribution in this field, either deepening the scientific knowledge, either finding out technical possibilities of limitation, either spreading the knowledge of the problem and collecting the collaboration of other astronomers, lighting engineers, the government and the support of the general public. This activity is producing an increasing number of scientific papers, technical papers, documents and other publications.

In order to make their consultation easier, I present here, in Part A, a list of references of papers on Light Pollution appeared on international scientific magazines and other publications of interest on this field. I list in Part B some books and papers on related fields as atmospheric optic, scattering, atmospheric composition, aerosols, which may be usefull for people working on Light Pollution. It must not be considered a complete list. I collect in Part C a reference list of articles published on the main Italian newspapers and magazines and devoted to the general public or amateur astronomers. This Part C is intended to give a panorama of what reached the general public in Italy. These lists will be updated periodically.

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